Locked Out of Your Car? Here Is How a Dealership Can Help You More Than a Locksmith

Posted Friday, Jul 14, 2023

Our car is our second home. We spend a lot of time in cars and perform many tasks like storing grocery bags, drinking coffee in between our stops, and just resting for a while in a parking lot.

However, there’s nothing more frustrating than being locked out of our cars. This could be a panicking situation for people who don’t know how to recover their lost keys. We assure you, you are not the only one who has dealt with missing or stolen keys.

As a car dealership in West Point, MS, our team at The Auto Dash helps our customers by providing them with a new set of keys. We offer a much more reliable and professional alternative than getting help from a locksmith.

However, it is always better to compare the pros and cons of each option before deciding which one would suit you best.

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Why Do People Prefer a Locksmith for Lost Keys Replacement?

Many people do not like to spend additional money by asking a car dealership to provide key replacements. Here are the top 3 reasons why a professional locksmith is preferred over a car dealership in such a situation.

1. Readily Available

Car keys can get lost or stolen anytime. You could be outside your nearest Target store or stuck on a highway petrol station. When such an emergency arises, many people seek immediate help. Hiring a professional locksmith proves as a convenient option for those who are locked out of their cars or when the car keys are damaged.

2. More Affordable

Undoubtedly, a professional service will always cost you more than alternative solutions. People who are looking for car key replacement within a budget can save some money by choosing a locksmith. A car dealership will provide a much more reliable and safe solution to get out of their problem, but the process will be complex and cost them more money. This is similar to other ways how people save money while dealing with their car problems – like going to a mechanic rather than a dealership for their car services.

3. Experienced Professionals

It is no doubt that locksmiths come fully equipped when they deal with your car lock and key problems. If you need immediate replacement of your lost car keys, a modern-day locksmith might help you with their versatile tools and in-depth knowledge.

However, many cars are not equipped with extra security options, like encoded microchips. Having a high-end car needs professional and expert services, so it is always better to let expert car dealerships do their job and replace your car keys.

How Can a Dealership Help You With a Lost Car Key?

In cases when you are locked out of your car and do not have backup keys, you will have to tow your vehicle to the dealership for further processing.

You will have to have proof of ownership papers, and then you can purchase a replacement key. Automotive dealerships know the correct procedure for ordering a new key for your vehicle, and they can electronically pair the replacement key with your vehicle.

Key fobs are hardware tokens, or small remote control devices, that can control the keyless entry system of your car. When you lose your car key fob, it’s not a matter of concern as you can still unlock your car using your key. After that, you can easily purchase another fob and connect it to your car.

Dealerships also provide car key fobs to their customers. You can buy these at inexpensive rates, and the professionals at the automotive dealerships will help you program your new fobs.

Smart keys are special devices that can electronically access your vehicle. Many vehicles come with a standard smart key. However, if you lose yours, you will have to tow your vehicle to the car dealership.

Whether you choose a professional locksmith or a car dealership, you will have to keep the following information in mind so that you can relay it to the concerned parties.

  • What kind of key were you using?
  • What is your vehicle identification number or VIN?
  • What was the year, model, and make of your car?

When you have the following information at hand, you will get access to your new replacement key more quickly and without any complex procedures.

Newer car models require the services of an automotive dealership rather than a locksmith. The latest technologies can be tricky to navigate, so it is best to allow the professionals to prepare a replacement key so that you are sure it will work best with your vehicle.

When you reach your car’s authorized dealer, you can get a replacement key made from the VIN number. For this, you will have to prove the ownership of your car and bring the necessary documents.

Typically, lost car keys are not covered by car insurance. However, if your policy is comprehensive enough to cover theft, you can get some coverage for your stolen or lost car keys.


Your car dealership has the right tools and means to ensure that your car keys are replaced without any hassle. Even if you lost your keys in an area that is far away from the original dealership from where you bought your car, you can contact any other dealership based on the model of your car.

However, before you go to a dealership for a replacement key, ask yourself, are you willing to pay a little more than what a locksmith would ask? If yes, and if you are looking to avoid any complications and headaches in the future, then a car dealership is the most suitable solution to your problem.

The Auto Dash is one of the most reliable automotive dealerships in West Point, MS. We offer you premium quality pre-owned cars in a hassle-free shopping experience. Contact us now.

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